Open Call RSVP - Cream City Casting

Open Call RSVP

Cream City Casting is hosting an open call this Friday (12/21).

Another open call will be held next week (date TBD). 

LOCATION/TIME Friday 12/21 from 10am-6:30pm

Cream City Casting  2018 S. 1st Street Milwaukee, WI Studio #308

Here's what we're looking for at the open call: Caucasian Male, 25 to 65 yrs. African American Male, 25 to 65 yrs. Latino Male, 25 to 65 yrs.   Asian Male, 25 to 65 yrs. *ALL MALE TALENT MUST HAVE FACIAL HAIR: Full beard, long beard, goatee, mustache. If you currently do not have facial hair but can grow it out by the end of January/beginning of February, we would still love for you to come in!  If you are selected for the job we are casting for, pay is $450 (with additional $500 buyout) and the shoot will take place mid-February. We will be photographing you during this open call.

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