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Oncata (formerly Cream City Casting) was created out of a need for something new. We believe that no two projects are the same, so why use the same talent over and over again? There’s a one of a kind talent out there just waiting to collaborate with you. We can help you find them. We aren’t a talent agency. We don’t represent actors and models. We hunt and hunt, and hunt some more until we find the right people, in their element, for your project. Characters who actually fit the story you’re telling. We even cast a tortoise once. True story. Our team is experienced in documentary and narrative storytelling. We are passionate about authenticity and believe that’s why our auditions stand out. We understand what directors, producers and photographers are looking for during the casting process. We specialize in both casting professional actors and real people for our clients. We make sure they work well on camera, too. You tell us what kind of cast you’re looking for, and we’ll go out into the world and search until we find them. Sometimes they find us when we’re technically off the clock and least expecting it. If you’re out to lunch and one of us hands you our card, take it as a compliment. We like the way you look.

Real People Casting

We value individuality. Our database is full of faces you likely haven’t seen before. These are real people, with real stories who can help bring your project to life with the authenticity it deserves.

Become a Talent!


We’re pretty proud of our auditions. With our background in both fiction and documentary film, we work to get the broadest range from the talent so you can see their many sides. Our studio is a versatile space, which allows us to create realistic auditions.

Professional Talent Casting

Aside from our real people casting, we work with many agencies nationwide. We are very connected to the theatre community and can bring the best actors to the table. We want to make your casting experience as simple as possible. You won't have to contact multiple agencies and consolidate all the links. That’s our job. We’ll explore our network and beyond, then provide you with all the options in one link.

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