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Sitora Takanaev - Founder, Casting Director

"In 2012 I started working on small projects that required real people casting and interviews. Eventually the projects grew and I started Cream City Casting (now Oncata) to have a more comprehensive workflow for my clients. I decided to establish myself as a Casting Director because I think this business combines my passion for filmmaking and my love for people really well. I travel often and take street photos of people I see around me. I try to guess their stories, where they are coming from, what their lives are like. This interest often translates in casting wherever I go :)"

Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, she began working as the host of a television show at age 15, and began directing and producing for television at age 20. She is a graduate of the Tashkent State Institute of Arts, and Milwaukee Area Technical College. For the past few years she's been freelancing on commercials, videos, and short films, as well as directing her own work. Her 2014 directorial debut short film "Balloons" was an official selection for numerous children's film festivals such as Children’s Film Festival Seattle and Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF Kids). In February 2016 she was selected to be one of 35 participants of Abbas Kiarostami Workshop for Auteurs in Cuba. He is considered "one of the most highly celebrated directors in the international film community of the last decade." The workshop focused on directing real people within their environment .

Sophie Pipitone, Executive Assistant 

Fresh from of the throes of a stint in the working world of social media and dabbing her toe in the college world, Sophie Pipitone is a fiercely creative and hardworking soul who blazes her own trails. Graduating from Divine Savior Holy Angels High School in 2015, she was a producer on the school’s annual senior production, staging and directing skits and musical numbers that were met with standing ovations. While in school, Sophie blogged for the website We Know The DJ — the blog of Justin Bieber’s personal DJ. She held the distinction of writing the one post that was so popular it temporarily crashed the site and was translated into multiple languages. But that was just a starter — she then endeavored to Columbia College in Chicago where she further explored social media, photography, and writing. While she embraced the glory of the big city, she wasn’t long for that world and headed back to her hometown, Milwaukee, after one semester to start a new chapter. She delved deeper into her writing, honing her craft while securing a position with tween girl lifestyle brand Fashion Angels. She managed the company’s digital content and social media accounts across every channel, helping them gain a strong following. She improved their highly effective influencer program. Still feeling restless, like life had much more to experience, Sophie left to dive into the world of casting and production at Cream City Casting (now Oncata). Sophie is also working to be a young adult author.

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